Jonathan Nail interviews people about “Prince Caspian” at the AMC 7 in Santa Monica, CA

Jonathan Nail Prince Caspian Movie ReviewThis is so classic. A friend of mine Jonathan Nail, an Actor, (hey it’s LA we all have friends that are actors or in the biz right?) sent me the below video he shot on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica outside the AMC 7 interviewing people about “Prince Caspian”. He starts out playing it straight asking legitimate questions then moves on to questions like, “What did you think of Peter North’s performance in the film” to “What did you think of the film’s Pro-Christian theme” to which he got a response of “It was very Christianal”. LOL! I don’t know who is funnier Jonathan or the people he interviewed. Checkout his Ask You Movie Review of the Prince Caspian Movie here.