OMFG! WTF! Carrot Top is on Steroids!

[ad#inpost300]Someone forwarded these pictures to me yesterday, don’t know why I did not hear about this til now, but WTF is Carrot Top thinking? Why is Carrot Top on steroids? Does a skinny 40 year old comic really need to juice it up? Was he not already scary enough looking? How can he think this looks good. The dude looks like a freak. His face looks like Micheal Myers from the Halloween Movie series. Plus it totally looks like he had some weird face lift on top of it. When I first saw these I could not believe what I was seeing, I first thought this that HAS TO BE Photo Shopped! So then I scoured Google and YouTube and sure enough it’s the real deal. Carrot Top is on Steroids and has lost his mind!

What is up with those shoulders…implants? It that possible? They just DO NOT look right!

Carrot Top is juiced

Carrot Top is on Steroids and looks like Micheal Meyers

Carrot Top is on Steroids