Spacehog reunites at Spaceland

spacehog-spaceland-la-blogSpacehog reunited at Spaceland last night.  At first I was afraid no one would be there, there was pretty much no Twitter buzz at all (that’s the only place people buzz anymore isn’t it?).   When I got there, the place was packed, and a band with two bass players was playing.

The most noticeable thing Spacelanders saw was a customized stage.  The signature blue and white shimmercurtains were covered up by cloth panes of white that would act as a movie screen for projected images.  Ah the 90’s were back for one night in Silverlake and it was a great time.  Spacehog hit on a lot of their material, brought that classic stage presence, and made a room full of people glad they put it back together.  Oh and Whitney Port was there, so my love of 90’s rock and The City were finally able to coexist at the same time.