Studying the Starbucks Mermaid at Pico and Robertson

by @cbritain

I pass this Starbucks on the way to work each morning, on the corner of Pico and S Robertson. It’s a particularly bad spot for traffic, and I’ve spent many a minute stopped in front of this particular Starbucks and it’s curious storefront sign.

For months I’ve wondered what this mutant creature could possibly be and why it’s suckling the Starbucks logo, but now, thanks to some friends, my befuddlement can be put to rest. Please refer to my hastily assembled diagram below (forgive image quality, I’m still working with 2 megapixel camera phone here).

After consulting Google, I found this, so it must have been some sort of corporate logo at some point, rather than a solitary, single store incident.

Mark it another mystery solved by LA Snark. Lesson? If you’re going to use an outlandish creature as a logo, you might as well make it an aquatic ferret pig to avoid any potential confusion.

Conor Britain