Deadmau5 at the Hollywood Palladium

When people ask me why I continue maintaining this blog (no one asks me that) I tell them it’s because there are some good perks. Those perks include receiving emails that ask if I’d like to go check out a Deadmau5 show at the Hollywood Palladium. Well yes I would, thank you.

Most shows I attend involve watching 2-4 people strum or beat on instruments while I stand in a crowd of folded-arm 30-somethings. This crowd was a little different.

The scene at the Palladium only be compared to Second Life. People danced like they were at the bottom of a pool, holding themselves up with one hand for ridiculous amounts of time, and other insane moves that my aging brain was not quick enough to take in and comprehend.

That said, this show was awesome. It’s been years since I attended a concert that felt like a full-on experience (Poison/Warrant 1990 Providence Civic Center… ok Death Cab at the Hollywood Bowl was pretty amazing too.) There was an overwhelming positive vibe in this giant room. A stranger hugged me and some girl with a blue band-aid over her mouth smiled at me (I think.)

If you get a chance, you should definitely check out Deadmau5 when he returns to the Hollywood Palladium, and he has to because this was the perfect room for him. Thanks to HARD for putting on this amazing show, I will be a return customer/hug recipient.