Literati Cafe – Wilshire/Bundy

I’m down for brunch, just give me a few minutes to chase away this Speakeasy headache.
Fromin’s sounds good but I need to order my first hipster latte.
I need to order a hot breakfast drink with a design on top.
All the Instag

People on the Twitter said I could find hipster coffee designs at the Blujam Cafe, Kings Road Cafe, and a bunch of other places.
Literati Cafe is just a few blocks away, and they have a billboard on the 10 that shows a nice heart or butt drawn on one such breakfast beverage.
Let’s do that.

My sneakers are so similar in color to the color of my jeans that it looks like I’m wearing foot pajamas.
None of that matters at the Literati Cafe where everyone is in their pajamas.

In addition to a breakfast beverage with a design on it, I will also have a breakfast burrito.
She will have some kind of breakfast that comes with a morning salad.
Apparently Alicia Silverstone eats morning salads.
Well alright.

I do not want to have to specifically ask for a breakfast beverage with a design on top.
I am a man.
But I do want to see a design on top of my breakfast beverage.
Fingers crossed.
First order up, no design.
Oh, this is your coffee, cool, there’s still a chance.
Order #92
I will wait for my latte to be delivered.
Make sure our order sign is easy to see.
We don’t want the server to get lost
and end up giving my latte to someone else.
Maybe I’m not a man.

Latte arrives – heart/butt design on top.
Very exciting.
Took a photo and posted to Facebook.
That box has been checked.

This food looks delicious
This food does not taste delicious
This food does not taste.
We’re gonna need some hot sauce over here.
Ok now things are slightly better.
Damn I wish this food was delicious.

I’m still pretty excited about the design on my breakfast beverage.
Let’s call it a butt.