WLA Grill Cafe – West LA

If you’re heading to the Dolores Cafe after Rocky Horroring at the Nuart, you’ll still find the Dolores sign, but you’ll find your old greasy spoon has a new name and a little bit of flayva. I liked the Dolores Cafe just fine. It was never the cleanest, but all the clean diners in LA are ridiculously priced (ahem Early World, Snug Harbor.) In Pawtucket, Rhode Island we called that grime “charm.” You took that charm alongside a full breakfast plate for $3.00 and you liked it. You were in pain for 8 hours afterwards, but you liked it. I was there for breakfast, but the Kabob and Coke deal already has methinking about a return trip.

I had originally planned to eat at the West LA Farmers market, but didn’t find anything I was interesting in breakfasting on so I looked to Dolores. The Dolores Cafe didn’t seem like a place that would ever go anywhere. It seemed like the place you would tell your grandkids about. Hopefully the sign sticks around because nothing says “welcome home” to me after a business trip like a hi-five from the Dolores sign.

The interior is all redone. When it was still Delores, I’m pretty sure I sat on the same patched up hole in the same corner booth every time I went. This time I sat in the same booth the WLA Grill Cafe, and whoa, no hole. I think the most striking difference in interior is that there’s just a lot more space. No more carpet, hodgepodge of furniture, same counter, and a new chalkboard menu.

We went on a Sunday and spoke with the manager/server and a waitress. Both were friendly, maybe a little rushed (only two people working the floor.)

Breakfast was had: Eggs, potatoes, bacon, side of toast and side of French toast. The French toast was a little burnt, which was not great, but the rest was fine. As of right now, the WLA Grill Cafe is not my go-to breakfast spot, unless I happen to come out of the West LA Farmer’s market empty handed again. It is worth noting, however, that they’re trying to get a liquor license. If they get that license there will be a bar in the back room. I know there are plenty of other bar options in the area, but my fingers are crossed for a bottomless mimosa special within walking distance from home. If you happen to head over here, let me know what you think!