Steingarten LA: It’s a sausage fest

I kinda hate myself for that title, but I’m sticking with it. Over the weekend my ladyfriend reminded me that she purchased a Groupon for Steingarten LA. We’d been there a couple times before, both times when it was raining. It’s a pretty zen experience, gazing out the front window at a rainy Pico Boulevard, sausage in one hand, Words With Friends in the other. It’s gotten to the point where I crave sausage every time it rains.

Well this past weekend it was not raining but this Groupon was jonesin’ to be spent. We headed over to Steingarten LA around 1pm for some lunch. We didn’t grab our usual front window seat because there was a solo act over there (that’s what I call someone that dines by themselves and spends the whole meal eavesdropping on my conversation.)

I’ve been trying not to drink too much (early New Year’s resolution most likely to be broken before the ball drops. God damn there is a lot of innuendo in this post already) so I decided to replace those calories with the Korean BBQ Nachos. These nachos were pretty amazing. Sliced red bliss potatoes, short ribs, scallions. If I were a marathoner I would eat this once a week. Instead I run on a treadmill maybe a few times a week tops so I need to space these visits out.

Sausage time. I always walk into Steingarten LA thinking I’m going to order something Anthony Bourdainish. The alligator and pork sausage? The salmon sausage? The rabbit and spirit? As interesting as it would be to eat a part-bunny/part-ghost sandwich, I always feel overwhelmed and end up going for a safety sausage. This time it was chicken and apple, but, on a pretzel roll!

The chicken, apple, and cinnamon of the pretzel roll went together like a 2 year old’s birthday party. Everyone’s smiling, sharing, complimenting each other and having a great time. I’ve never been to a 2 year old’s birthday party but I’ve already typed that example and I don’t feel like thinking of another.

My ladyfriend, henceforth known as Lady Sausalot, had the vegan chipotle sausage. She said it was “super good” and she ordered it topped with grilled peppers and chopped onions. She also ordered a couple really hoppy beers so I wouldn’t be tempted to sip/drink half of them. That was nice of her. Good ol’ Sausalot.

Steingarten LA is a pretty cool space. We’ve already covered the big front window, but there’s also a friggin’ sunroof and a back patio that features some sort of flaming terrarium. You’ll have to see it yourself and give me a better description. The staff is really friendly, the menu is overwhelming in a good way, and the price is right.

And that, is 460 words about me eating sausage.

Steingarten LA
10543 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 441-0441