I’m not mad at cha, Hammer Museum

I’m not usually one to blast passive aggressive Tweets out to art museums, but I am getting older and crankier by the day.

Last night I headed over to the Hammer Museum to see my hero David Lynch speak about a documentary called “Meditation Creativity Peace.” I’ve been trying to see David Lynch in person since I landed on the Silicon Beach (are we saying that?) 7 or so years ago.

I try not to have many regrets in life, but one of them would be not ditching work to visit David Lynch when he was promoting Inland Empire by sitting in parking lots around LA with a cow. That sounds like my kind of scene. I remember Joe Escalante talking about it during Wino Wednesday while I was en route to an awful sales job.

Photo via NY Times

Well I am not alone in my admiration of Mr. Lynch, and every art snob and Rocky Horror regular in the LA area also showed up to join me in line. I overheard some people saying that this was the most popular Hammer event ever and that the museum was not prepared for this turnout.

We all stood in line for over two hours and the door opening time kept getting pushed back in 15 minute increments. 6:15 to 6:30 ¬†etc. I wasn’t too far from the front of the line, so I was hopeful about getting in, but then all the Hammer Museum members showed up in their matching black sweaters and they were seated first, bumping the rest of us to the courtyard screening.

I am pretty interested in seeing¬†Meditation Creativity Peace, but I was most interested in seeing David Lynch speak. Russell Brand was also scheduled to speak, and that was going to be interesting because I’d like to witness he and David Lynch volley some transcendental zingers back and forth.

Alas, we decided to hit the road. It was getting cold in that courtyard and I did not pack a cardigan (I don’t own one and frankly that trend concerns me a bit.) If any of you in the LA Internetsphere hear of any other opportunities to hang out with Mr. Lynch, please let me know when an where and I will be there!

For more on Meditation Creativity Peace, check out:

We’re all good though, Hammer. I may root for USC for one game as your penance, but I will return soon enough.