Thanks to Amazon Fresh, Operation Never-Leave-The-House is a go

Amazon Fresh Delivery ReviewA few weeks ago I looked out my window and saw an Amazon Fresh truck driving by. It was really happening. Amazon had begun delivering groceries to the good people of Los Angeles (and Santa Monica.) Enjoying our lazy Sunday the appropriate way, Kate and I decided to skip the trip to Vons and enter the world of grocery delivery.

Amazon Fresh Dry IceWe opted to have Amazon leave the groceries on our doorstep between 7am and 10am. Right around 8am, the truck pulled up, and a man dropped three big reusable grocery bags on our front steps.

Though the sign on the styrofoam shell suggested that the groceries may be packed in dry ice, ours were packed with about 10 frozen Dasani water bottles. I know we’re supposed to leave the shipping supplies out when the next delivery comes, but are they expecting the water back too? I’m thirsty. Hey, free Dasani. Maybe.

Amazon Fresh Water Bottles

The price was pretty comparable to what we would have spent at Vons. After our 3 month trial, we will need to pay $299 for the year to continue. I think we can justify that if it means never leaving the house again.

As far as the groceries themselves, the produce looks fresh, the poultry looks healthy and the glass items arrived unharmed. I am in. And I’m keeping the water bottles, Amazon.

Edit: Oh good, just found this:

At AmazonFresh, the quality of your food is our biggest concern. We carefully control the conditions in which your products are stored, right up until the moment you receive them, so that fresh items stay chilled and frozen items remain frozen. To keep all of your products at their proper temperatures, Doorstep Deliveries will be packed with frozen water bottles. The water is safe to consume, and the bottles are yours to keep, dispose of, or recycle. While we encourage you to retrieve your groceries as soon as possible once delivered, this packaging is designed to maintain the correct temperature of your products for up to 2 hours after the end of your delivery window.