LA’s Howls releases new single “White Noise”

It’s going to rain, it’s not going to rain. This new song by Los Angeles duo Howls seems to work well with the marine layer over my apartment right now. I was prepared for a nice day of breaking PHP in the rain, but now the hour-by-hour forecast is looking all optimistic. I’m going back to bed.

Los Angeles’s duo Howls, are set to release their newest single “White Noise” on Buddyhead Records on February 3rd. “White Noise” marks a new direction for the band who’s self-titled debut, released last year, was praised by Philthy Magazine as “…the sexiest record of the year.” and the Aquarian said “Not only does Howls instill a charmingly magnetic vibe into each song, the duo also mesmerizes listeners with tranquil melodies that channel thrilling emotions.”