I moved to New York

40th Street Station Sunnyside Queens

Wow, looking at that last post, I see I really had good intentions to start blogging on the reg and telling the world about all the great things in Glendale, California. Wellllllll, that did not happen. I did have a good year in Glendale, don’t get me wrong, I loved the old neighborhood vibe out there, I loved being close to Griffith Park and I had no incidents with white BMW drivers (or P22.)

That said, it was time for a change. I had seen it coming, and it was only after hundreds of passing conversations that my wife and I agreed to pack ourselves and our two cats into an Elantra and drive across the country to start a new life phase in New York City.

I first visited New York City in the 80s when my parents took me to Madison Square Garden to see the Ice Capades. During that trip, my mother pushed me up against the giant glass window of the Metropole, which was apparently a respected jazz club at one time, but I remember it as a strip club where a topless dancer waved at me from the stage. It’s been “look out, ladies” ever since. There was definitely a tangible seediness about the city that current NYC residents pride themselves on missing, so much so that some of us do actual research to find the divey-est (but not like, really divey) bars in the city. And, if that dive happens to have free hot dogs, well that’s just the gravy, isn’t it?

I’ve been here just about a few months now and I’ve already done a TON exploring, mostly while sweating through my clothes in this ridiculous humidity. I am very much looking forward to fall, but not winter. Maybe I can do like one week of winter. Keep my seat warm, LA.

ANYWAY, I’m lowercasing the first A in LA Snark and going with a more general pop culture-focused La Snark now. Viva La Snark? Just go with it. Ain’t nobody got time to get a new website indexed when Google has been so nice to this little WordPress joint for the past nine years.

Cheers from NYC!