Zankou Chicken and The Reasn’s “Blue Flame”

the reasn blue flame

Well, that was a crazy weekend. My home town football team won a big game in Arizona and I finally managed to take my wife to Zankou Chicken. I would be at Zankou a lot more often if their West LA location didn’t have that stressful parking lot. Instead, I prefer to park three blocks away next to some professional wrestler guy watering the sidewalk.

I’d been hyping the chicken at Zankou since I went there one time in 2010 with a couple coworkers. While our Zankou lunch was still delicious, (let’s smear the garlic butter on EVERYTHING) I may have made the mistake of overshadowing the chicken with the tri-tip. How is any chicken going to compare to tri-tip? It wasn’t fair to the chicken wrap we ordered, and for that I apologize.

We were pretty ready to just have a couple Blue Apron meals for our Super Bowl Sunday, but then we had a flash of genius and ordered some Hooters wings. The Hooter girls don’t actually deliver the wings to your door. You probably knew that. I knew that too but I like to believe one day they will change that policy. We are a 911 sauce household now, having graduated from Three Mile Island in 2014. It should be a crazy year.

I found this song by The Reasn in the Snark inbox and it seems like a nice way to start a post-D’Angelo-on-SNL Monday. Continue Reading

Serial Breakfast Thursdays

Serial Podcast

For the past eight weeks, Thursday mornings have been dedicated to listening to the Serial podcast. Most episodes I listen to before I get out of bed, some I’ll listen to while making breakfast and only once have I been able to save a new episode for a few hours while I get something else done.

Like all those people in your Twitter feed are saying, Serial is pretty addictive. Despite these headlines, I seem to be having trouble getting friends to check it out. My wife listened right away, but she got me into listening to podcasts and NPR in the first place, so it’s not much of a stretch for her. My brother who is studying journalism in school has not bothered to listen, nor have I heard any feedback from other friends that I’ve recommended it to. I have this need to get people on the Serial train while it’s still rolling so 1. I have people to discuss the episodes with and 2. They can enjoy the ride while it’s happening, complete with the week-long anticipation that accompanies each new episode. Continue Reading