I went to FYF Fest 2014

Joanna Gruesome FYF Fest 2014

Joanna Gruesome

Last year I left FYF Fest early because the bathroom lines were insane. It was dark and there were trees everywhere, but in some states you can end up on the sex offender list for public urination so I felt it best to head home. If you’d asked me last year if I’d be returning for FYF 2014 I would have said Hellllllllllll Nooooo. But it’s 2014 and there I was.

FYF Fest is like one of your crazy rich friends that doesn’t know what to do with their money. They know they want to throw a big party, you know you like parties, but you also know that this crazy rich friend is not that great at throwing parties. However, there will be a sweet buffet. Maybe they got the In N’ Out truck. Maybe the Workaholics guys will be there. Are you not going to go to your friend’s party? Are you going to miss meeting the Workaholics guys because you can’t stand in a bathroom line and you’re too afraid of ending up on a list to simply run outside and pee in the backyard?

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GoDaddy and their Domains By Proxy Scam

GoDaddy NoDaddy Logo

LA Snark has been freed from the clutches of GoDaddy. Interneting seems a little easier today.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that a couple of the domains I purchased on GoDaddy were about to expire. I decided the time was right to leave GoDaddy and park my domains elsewhere.

Depending on your level of web savvy, GoDaddy is probably one or more of the following:

  • The company that you throw money at so your website stays online
  • The most confusing website you’ve ever seen
  • A scammy company that relies on user ignorance to overcharge for low quality service
  • The website where Danica Patrick never takes her clothes off no matter what their Super Bowl ads say
  • SOPA flip floppers
  • An elephant hunter and his gang of frustratingly ignorant customer support representatives

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BRONCHO – Fuzz Rock from Oklahoma – At the Echo 8/27


Photo Credit: Corpse on Pumpkin Photography

Readerfolk, you know I don’t need much in life other than a fuzz box and a spot near the men’s room. Oklahoma band BRONCHO can help me with the first. I’m on my own with the second, but I am willing to put in some effort.

BRONCHO will be playing the Echo next Wednesday, August 27th with Tulsa’s Low Litas. BRONCHO is touring to promote their upcoming release, Just Enough Hip To Be Woman.

Check out a couple tracks below:

Kate and I have been watching a lot of House Hunters lately, and wondering where we could possibly move outside of LA. If the fuzz lives in Oklahoma, maybe I can too. I’ve heard good things happen to guys that work at the Oklahoma Long John Silvers.
Wednesday, August 27
w/ Low Litas
The Echo | Los Angeles CA
8:30p / 18+
ADV $8 / DOS $10 / TICKETS