Announcing The [Screenplay] Bitch List


The Bitch Pack announces  The [Screenplay] Bitch List, as seen in Bust Magazine.

On this list we will have un-produced screenplays that not only pass The Bechdel Test, but that  feature female characters who are:


We’re keeping a tally of votes from entertainment industry professionals of scripts they see in 2012 that:

Pass The Bechdel Test for more than one page:

1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it

2. Who talk to each other

3. About something besides a man

In general, we’re also always on the look out for:

Female characters who are-

Active instead of passive

And dialogue that is-

Beyond the stereotypically “female” speaking roles, ie. about just shopping or babies.

We’ve partnered with Pop Change (where popular culture meets social change) to better facilitate data collection for the list. Pop Change was started by Dr. Eleanor Morrison, a graduate of USC’s Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. Please sign up here to be part of this new tide.

It’s sad to see that only two Oscar nominated films passed The Bechdel Test (see below). Women talk to each other about all kinds of things in real life besides men, so why don’t women do the same more in our “best” films?

Thanks to Feminist Frequency for this video describing this year’s field of nominated films and if/how they made the cut.

We will announce the results in January 2013.  The Bechdel Test page has breakdowns of movies that have already been produced and released. We will concentrate on scripts that perhaps should get made.

Shout out to the creators of The Blood List for horror scripts and The Black List for just great screenplays.

Email us your votes with your affiliation to

Thanks for playing and we look forward to hearing from you.


T&A Do The Bitch Pack

One of our names begins with T and the other with A – we’re a magical combo representing the front and the back, the best of both worlds, the humps and the lumps. We’re women with similar life paths, who came to Los Angeles ages ago and earned our stripes looking for love among the Hollywood hipsters. We are here to share what we’ve learned with you, with the charm of Southern gals and the smarts of city vixens.

A has dated so many LA guys that she couldn’t come close to naming them all, and sometimes doesn’t recognize them in public.

T has managed not to kill her boyfriend, somehow.

Please come join us at our Facebook Page.

The Bitch Pack is a collective of female film students and professionals working in Hollywood. Look out for them at upcoming film festivals and happenings. Hear this new breed howl:

Where are you from?

LA, all over California and The East Coast.

How did you get your name?

Guys have been traveling around in “Wolf Packs” after The Hangover, so why not women?

How did you guys identify each other out of the herd of Hollywood hopefuls?

There was bonding over a couple of our old teachers (one male and one female) putting us down- saying things like- we should just work in development or maybe, maybe we could get to write tv movies. One of them goes around trying to sell a “summit” on how to make it in tv when he’s never been on staff on a show. They set limitations for us and that’s wrong.  Some teachers want disciples, not people with minds of their own who aren’t afraid to express themselves. There really needs to be more education reform.

We feel like we don’t need to take crap from anyone and can work together to fulfill each other’s visions, and not accept what we were being told just because our tastes don’t lead us to writing movies like How Do You Know or  The Vow for instance.  We’re not only into mushy non-sense that’s marketed to women. Movie makers need to give movie viewers more credit.

We separated from those around us who judge us and identify themselves by things like how we appear and what we eat. We know someone who paid for an agent and tells everyone his career is “skyrocketing”. We know you don’t pay agents upfront.

We don’t go around telling everyone lofty stuff. Everyone in “Hollywood” is so pretend elitist, it’s ridiculous. We’re just doing what we can and recognize the potential in one another.

What do you bring to the table in terms of entertainment?

Execs are always saying they don’t know how to get young people into the theaters anymore. Maybe they’re talking to the wrong people.

We’re movie goers; we’re the audience too and 90% of what we see is crap. We write stuff we want to see that’s not offered. We write horror with female protagonists and off beat coming of age. Young women want to see more than Twilight, ok?

To the Hollywood establishment- call us if you want to know why you’re at a 16 year low in box office returns. To them we say, bitch please~ women viewers are smarter than you give us credit. We want better. Give us the resources to make it.

We understand marketing and transmedia as well.

What’re your domination plans?

We found a couple great mentors. We’re not going to drop their names. One is a strong woman who’s brains and muscle. She built her own empire and knows how to give back. She’s coaching us on how to get stuff done. She’s helped other film makers when they were starting out—like John Cassavetes. Our other mentor is a riot. He’s just the best. He’s realistic and above the frey. He’s made things you’ve seen before and probably love, if you’re not of the Bride Wars persuasion.  He encourages free-thinking.

We’re also in contact with other graduate students at a different, near-by, supposedly rival film school. We watched The Golden Globes with them and are cooking stuff up with them for an Oscars party.

We also have the advantage that one of us has Irish citizenship if anyone out there has any cultural significant ideas for international co-funding, we’ll pitch it to The Irish Film Board, who are all very nice.

Favorite movies?

American Pyscho, Drive, Submarine, Kick-Ass, Attack the Block, Rocket Science, Bubba Ho-Tep, Perfume, Raising Arizona, Kill Bill, Death Proof

Favorite Hollywood haunts?

Candy stores.

Places that are dark and serve grilled cheeses and pirate chais.


Nom nom and a yum yum.

Find The Bitch Pack here. or @biatchpack