Thanks to Amazon Fresh, Operation Never-Leave-The-House is a go

Amazon Fresh Delivery ReviewA few weeks ago I looked out my window and saw an Amazon Fresh truck driving by. It was really happening. Amazon had begun delivering groceries to the good people of Los Angeles (and Santa Monica.) Enjoying our lazy Sunday the appropriate way, Kate and I decided to skip the trip to Vons and enter the world of grocery delivery.

Amazon Fresh Dry IceWe opted to have Amazon leave the groceries on our doorstep between 7am and 10am. Right around 8am, the truck pulled up, and a man dropped three big reusable grocery bags on our front steps.

Though the sign on the styrofoam shell suggested that the groceries may be packed in dry ice, ours were packed with about 10 frozen Dasani water bottles. I know we’re supposed to leave the shipping supplies out when the next delivery comes, but are they expecting the water back too? I’m thirsty. Hey, free Dasani. Maybe.

Amazon Fresh Water Bottles

The price was pretty comparable to what we would have spent at Vons. After our 3 month trial, we will need to pay $299 for the year to continue. I think we can justify that if it means never leaving the house again.

As far as the groceries themselves, the produce looks fresh, the poultry looks healthy and the glass items arrived unharmed. I am in. And I’m keeping the water bottles, Amazon.

Edit: Oh good, just found this:

At AmazonFresh, the quality of your food is our biggest concern. We carefully control the conditions in which your products are stored, right up until the moment you receive them, so that fresh items stay chilled and frozen items remain frozen. To keep all of your products at their proper temperatures, Doorstep Deliveries will be packed with frozen water bottles. The water is safe to consume, and the bottles are yours to keep, dispose of, or recycle. While we encourage you to retrieve your groceries as soon as possible once delivered, this packaging is designed to maintain the correct temperature of your products for up to 2 hours after the end of your delivery window. 

OSH on Bundy – What they lack in customer service they make up for in romance

Good customer service is always appreciated. While high on the juice I headed to Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) on Bundy in search of a snake to teach my kitchen drain who’s boss. I asked four different OSH employees where I could find the items on my shopping list and they all gave me a different aisle number. OSH is like a quarter the size of a Home Depot (if that.) Couldn’t they just walk 30 feet with me and show me where the item was?

Fry’s in Manhattan Beach is guilty of this too. Fry’s is basically a giant dumpster behind a forgotten Circuit City, and every time I asked anyone for help they’d just send me to the opposite end of the store to get rid of me. I felt like I was 8 years old and bothering my parents during a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Back to OSH, the fact that their employees are so unhelpful actually makes it the perfect place to pick up women. In reality, I’m sure all of these young single ladies know far more about home improvement than I ever will, but they still wander the aisles with that bewildered look on their face that almost screams “I wish I could ask a man for help.” Well they’re not getting help from the OSH staff so Mr. JustIncreasedMySquatAtBallys, it’s your job to swoop in and offer some assistance. This exact scenario happened last night at the checkout. I waited in line at the checkout with my snake in my hand (uh) while a guy and gal that had never met before talked about the projects they were working on. This guy didn’t close the deal but after he left the cashier said “I think he liked you.” That cashier knows the deal.

In closing, keep up your awful customer service OSH, there are babies to be made.

That’s the last straw, Albertsons

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I hate shopping at Albertsons. I really do. The problem is that I live ridiculously close to an Albertsons and sometimes you just want to walk to the grocery store. I immediately regret this decision every time I arrive at the store when I see one register open and a line extending toward the produce section.

It’s tough to go from the Ralphs on Olympic and Barrington (my former nearby grocery store) to the Albertsons on Wilshire and Franklin. The Ralphs has a big salad bar, nice deli, olive bar, crazy selection of cheeses, and every register is always open. It’s even better now that Trader Joe decided to move in next door. If you can figure out how to avoid getting caught parking at Ralphs and heading over to TJ’s, you’ve got it made.

I’m passionate about my grocery stores. I started this blog because the Von’s on Santa Monica and Barrington smells like cat ass.

So now I read the news that some psycho stabbed and killed his wife at my Albertson’s. I am done. Goodbye Albertsons. I’ve been meaning to try anyway.

Studying the Starbucks Mermaid at Pico and Robertson

by @cbritain

I pass this Starbucks on the way to work each morning, on the corner of Pico and S Robertson. It’s a particularly bad spot for traffic, and I’ve spent many a minute stopped in front of this particular Starbucks and it’s curious storefront sign.

For months I’ve wondered what this mutant creature could possibly be and why it’s suckling the Starbucks logo, but now, thanks to some friends, my befuddlement can be put to rest. Please refer to my hastily assembled diagram below (forgive image quality, I’m still working with 2 megapixel camera phone here).

After consulting Google, I found this, so it must have been some sort of corporate logo at some point, rather than a solitary, single store incident.

Mark it another mystery solved by LA Snark. Lesson? If you’re going to use an outlandish creature as a logo, you might as well make it an aquatic ferret pig to avoid any potential confusion.

Time Warner Cable Diary – By my friend Virginia

It’s no secret that Time Warner Cable has pretty much flat out sucked for a while now.  I posted my own thoughts here and here, but my friend Virginia G. has an update for us:  Apparently it hasn’t gotten any better.

Dear Diary,

I just wanted to document my experience thus far in trying to install Time Warner Cable at my new apartment. For those of you dealing with the monopoly that is Time Warner Cable, I’m sure you’ll understand my frustrations. For those of you that do not have their service… I envy you.

July 20st – called Westside Rentals to install internet, will be charged $19.95. I paid a $39.99 fee that was to be credited to my first bill. Installation date Saturday, 7/31, 8-10AM

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