= Scam

It’s complain about awful customer service week here at LA Snark and I wanted to point out an issue I’ve been having since July with a company called Circuits & Things in hopes that anyone searching for information about their company will know it’s a scam.

Before my trip to North Dakota, I searched for some cheap over the ear headphones. On July 11th, I found a pair of Sony Studio Monitor MDR-XD200 Headphones on Google Shopping for $18.89 via Circuits & Things so I placed an order. Here’s what followed:

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Ugly RSS Feeds

I consider myself sort of a news hound. I like to be up on all things music and online media, and when I get a chance, politics, fashion, and local restaurants. My tool of choice for keeping up with the relentless stream of headlines is Google Reader. Google Reader has been good to me and while some will declare RSS “dead,” it remains my go-to way of absorbing too-long-for-Twitter news from the web.

One frustration I run into when looking for new sites to follow is ugly RSS feeds. In a perfect world all sites would publish their full articles to RSS, but I realize the Murdochs of the world have mouths to feed. If I can’t read a full post I like to at least see a first paragraph and a photo that will make me want to click through to the site to read the full article.

Here are some of the RSS feeds I follow or have tried to follow:

Media Bistro

Media Bistro publishes full articles to RSS without ads. It’s pretty sexy. Grade: A+

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DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is useless to people without cable

This past summer, I cancelled cable. It felt good. Anything worth watching is usually online for free. That is, except football. If your favorite team is across the country, you’re going to either need to save up for your weekly visit to the local sports bar, or you’re going to have to pony up cash for DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. This year, DirecTV partnered with Sony to make NFL Sunday Ticket available for Playstation 3 users. Well that sounded worth it to me.

It’s not. I have two Patriots games from home this year. The first two games were plagued with lag issues, and the rest of the games were blacked out. Why would a New England Patriots vs. Dallas Cowboys game be blacked out in Los Angeles? Please tell us DirecTV:

What are the NFL Game Availability (Blackouts) rules?
We’re required to follow game availability rules set up by the NFL, CBS, and FOX.
-Ok, this past weekend’s Patriots vs. Cowboys game was on FOX. I do not have FOX. Why is FOX blacking out games in Los Angeles? 

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